Bam Margera

Bam Margera

By Chris Nieratko
Photos by Pier Nicola D’Amico

Inked Magazine

You can’t help but tip your hat to Bam Margera. While other jackasses might be content telling the same joke over and over, Bam has left the shopping carts behind and parlayed his stupidity into a record label, a straight-to-DVD comedy empire, a rock ‘n’ roll bar, and a wife who, we’re sure he would agree, is too hot for the likes of him. And he’s done it all without leaving his hometown of West Chester, Pa., keeping him grounded and down-to-earth. To commemorate all the dumb things he’s done, he’s gotten a bunch of even dumber tattoos to remind him where he comes from. How else are you going to explain an arm tattoo that says “North Philly F***ot”?

INKED: What happened to your leg?
MARGERA: [Pro skateboarder] Kerry Getz came over, and I was skating in the barn when this pit bull ran out and started chasing me. I thought he was just having fun, but he came up and really bit my leg. His tooth went into my calf muscle, and I’ve been out for three days.

What’s the worst thing that you read about yourself online?
I don’t really go on the computer, but I guess it would probably be just being a drunken piece of shit or something.

Is that true or false?
It’s true.

To make it worse, aren’t you opening up a bar?
Yeah, but for some reason I think that I’ll probably chill out once the bands are there, because I’m going to be busy running around. Usually when I go to the bar, I get shitbag wasted with all my friends. This will be a little different, I hope.

I think you’re going to drink all the profits.
That’s the problem. West Chester is 30,000 people, and I pretty much know all 30,000. They’re all going to think that they get free drinks, but it’s not going to happen like that. It’s going to be tough knowing when to draw the line with who you’re going to let in. Even if it’s my best friends, they’ll come in with four of their friends, and the next thing you know, the whole place is packed with people that didn’t pay to get in.

How would you feel if people started jumping off the rafters into the crowd?
I hope not. We have ten bouncers at all times that are going to be there to make sure that doesn’t happen. It seems like just because people know that it’s my thing, some idiot will purposely dump his beer down the stairs and fall down it and say, “I slipped on beer at Bam’s place. I want a million dollars.”

Do you get a lot of people that try to sue you?
Yeah. There should be a law against frivolous lawsuits. As soon as the CKY videos started getting big, there was this one guy who was in the bathroom taking a leak. You could only see the back of him, and Ryan Dunn was doing something in the bathroom. I think he pulled his pants all the way down and just started chatting with the guy and asked him if he wanted to play pool later. And the guy says that he gets recognized all over town, he can’t live a normal life, and he wants $300,000. It’s like, “Dude, you can’t even see your f**king face.” It’s so absurd. And they seriously think that I’m supposed to believe that. It’s all about money. That’s all that anybody wants. Go to Europe, and that shit will never happen.

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