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Guy Aitchison has been tattooing since 1988 where he apprenticed in Chicago at Bob Olson's Custom Tattooing. He began as a professional illustrator, painting album covers for small-label heavy metal bands in the eighties, and brought much of this graphic experience into tattooing. Combined with his other myriad influences, including comic art, modern and Renaissance painting, psychedelic art and computer graphics, his style has evolved into the distinct look that today's tattoo fans are familiar with. Guy's educational books have sold thousands of copies all over the world, and the seminars he gives, including his most recent, Reinventing the Tattoo, have had a strong positive impact on many up and coming tattooists. His tattoos, paintings and other creations can be viewed at his website,

More recently, Guy and his wife and partner Michele Wortman have begun publishing books under their own label, Proton Press. These include Guy's book Organica and Michele's Moments Of Epiphany. Scratch Art, published in the spring of 2008, features artwork by over 200 tattoo professionals. Other publications including a massive educational volume for tattoo artists are in the pipeline. Guy and Michele have been working on a series of short video documentaries to help promote their vision as both artists and publishers; the first of these short videos was posted at their channel, Tattoo Television. artist Guy Aitchison

“I hoped that you would help keep my design sets circulating and available, which you have. The TattooFinder service has gone beyond the simple availability of buying sets of designs, which has been great.”

- Guy Aitchison

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