Jeanie Newby

Hi there everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my artwork here on! What a totally AWESOME site for all the ARTISTS out there!

Hmmm, a bio? Do I have to? Well, here goes . . . artist Jeanie Newby

My name is Jeanie Marie Newby. I was hatched on June 19, 1978 on this planet we call Earth. I had the last name of Traaen, until I married my husband Dale Newby in 2001.

I can remember as young as 5 or so carrying around a pen or pencil everywhere I went, drawing and doodling on my brother and sisters, as well as on myself. Nothing was untouched . . . the walls in my room . . . everything had a distinct marking of some kind. Man, that really ticked my parents off. But it was a lot of FUN! Ha ha ha . . . artist Jeanie Newby's tattoo designs

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I enjoyed art class in school. That's what brought me to the Art of Tattooing. While in Jr. High, I hung out at the local tattoo parlor a lot. I then talked them into giving me an apprenticeship in 1994. While apprenticing for Skully, Rated R Tattoo, now located in Spokane, WA, I got into drawing tattoo flash. It was an old school apprenticeship with lots of grunt work and learning. But all is good and I survived. What doesn't kill you makes you that much stronger.

In 1998, I opened up my first shop. Thanks to all my clientele that keep coming back for more and more and more over the years. It has been great!

I recently got the time to get back into drawing tattoo flash again after my husband's nagging me to do so. I did up my first set in 2002 and took it to the conventions. I sold and traded a lot with other artists, and that gave me the inspiration to keep drawing more.

I am really influenced by the Old School art of Sailor Jerry. I just love the simple elegance of his work. I am also overwhelmed by the art of Edward Lee. How magnificent his artwork is . . . very nice work Ed. I have never met him personally, but would love to get the opportunity. These are two completely different styles, but who has to choose? I like all art styles. You get as much out of life as you put into it!

I searched the net for the best tattoo art in the world, and I strongly felt that was by far the best out there. I am really pleased to be accepted as an artist on this site . . . what a great place to be!

Thank you all again for reading my bio and checking out my flash! Happy Tattooing!


Jeanie Newby