Motley Crue

Was there ever a band more tattooed than Motley Crue? Surely the Crue had more IPM (ink per member) than any reigning metal band of the 80's, and possibly any band of all time.

Motley Crue's ink quota is filled mostly by two members. Bassist Nikki Sixx was virtually a circus freak, with nearly every square inch of his upper torso covered in tattoo designs -- ranging from a wriggling pink squid on his left shoulder to an enormous sun etched across his entire back.

Nikki Sixx's sun tattoo on his back

And of course, drummer Tommy Lee is a huge tattoo enthusiast, a passion he shared with former wife Pamela Anderson. His arms and back feature ornate tribal designs, and the word MAYHEM is stenciled in ornate script across his entire lower torso. Legend has it that his cymbal exploded the moment after this picture was taken.

Tommy Lee shirtless showing off his tattoos