Artist Of The Week ~ Endorpheus!

This week’s artist started his craft drawing on his dads back and went on to do guest spots tattooing at studios. He not only has an eloquent and creative way with words but also with his art. He has provided us with a collection of blazing suns, vibrant butterflies and scenic orbs. He blends skills of hard and soft with edgy tribal pieces, braided armbands, flowers that are blooming brightly and others that are fading away and in the end adds a touch of cartoon fun. Our Artist of the Week.......Endorpheus!

Who Says Being Negative Is Always a Bad Thing?

Armbands, tribal, crosses, hearts, and thrown into the mix... Negative space! David Walker's newest tattoo designs offer a little something different with his creations featuring negative space for a new look. Check 'em out!

'Tis The Season For Tribal Maori Tattoo Designs!

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a fancy new Maori tattoo design! Wiremu's newest tattoo creations include tons of tribal Maori designs for every appendage. Forget decking the halls this year, deck yourself!