A Royal Bum

What would you do if you had $5000 lying around? If your name is Britney Spears, it means that you would have your favorite tattoo artist come out to your mansion and ink a crown on your bum. After all, surely by having the process done in the privacy of your own home you keep yourself out of the papers and away from paparazzi, right?

New Tattoo Designs From Billy James Goble

Who's ready for the weekend? We are! You know what else we're also ready for? Billy James Goble's new tattoo designs! His new creations feature all types of skulls, flowers with butterflies, birds, fish, and even some delicious fruit. Check 'em out!

Tattoo Designs From New Artist Fritz

New artist alert! Please welcome Fritz to the family! Read all about him in his artist bio and then check out his new tattoo designs that feature all kinds of underwater goodies like seahorses, chests of gold and treasure, stars, skulls, and more!

New Artist Archaic Fusion's Tattoo Designs

Our new artist Archaic Fusion's tattoo designs are up and ready for your browsing and purchasing pleasure! Check out everything from crosses to crowns, seashells to skulls, wings to vines, and much more!