New Tattoo Designs From Sam Martin

Creepy faces anyone? artist and artist Sam Martin has new tattoo designs that are awesomely evil and realistic. Demon faces, faces with skin falling away, and more. Enjoy!

New Tattoo Designs From Demon Dean

If you're looking for new, evil tattoo creations, Demon Dean's new tattoo designs are just what the doctor ordered. Skulls, demons, realistic monsters, biomechanical designs, and much more await you!

New Tattoo Designs From Brian Burkey

Brian Burkey's new tattoo designs definitely have a lil' something for everyone. Sharp tribal creations, tikis, sacred hearts, auto parts, pinup girls, and tons more! You won't be disappointed!

New Tattoo Designs From Douglas Heuton

Demons and devils and skulls, oh my! Douglas Heuton's new tattoo designs feature dark creations of all things evil! Skeletons, demon faces, wicked skulls, and more! Check 'em out!

Shane O'Neill's New Tattoo Designs

Halloween has come and gone, but you can still celebrate with new designs from Shane O'Neill! Ghosts, devils, skulls, and even candy corn! Take a look!