New Tattoo Designs From Ray Reasoner

Ray Reasoner is, without a doubt, one of TattooFinder.com's most prolific artists. Yes, you're reading this right: he's just created us almost 100 new designs. If you're looking for anything troublesome, dead, dirty, or downright evil he's got you hooked up.

Ray, don't you think it's time you start sharing the Kool Aid with the rest of us? Please?

New Tattoo Designs From Sam Martin

Creepy faces anyone? Liquidskin.com artist and TattooFinder.com artist Sam Martin has new tattoo designs that are awesomely evil and realistic. Demon faces, faces with skin falling away, and more. Enjoy!

New Tattoo Designs From Douglas Heuton

Demons and devils and skulls, oh my! Douglas Heuton's new tattoo designs feature dark creations of all things evil! Skeletons, demon faces, wicked skulls, and more! Check 'em out!

Edward Lee Interview, June 2008

TattooFinder.com is proud to present the first ever official interview with the one and only Edward Lee! Not only is his style original and unique, it can be seen in tattoo studios worldwide. We picked his brain about tattoo flash, where he gets his ideas from, and the complications of creating tattoo flash while in prison. See what he had to say . . .