New Tattoo Designs From Brian Burkey

Ah, Monday! Most people dread today, but it's actually a day to get excited about. Why, you ask? Because Brian Burkey has over 400 new tattoo designs to peruse! Astrological tribal pieces, frogs, eagles, flowers, Irish designs, smileys, angel, devils... a little something for everyone! Take a look!

New Tattoo Designs From Spider Webb

Spider Webb's new tattoo designs are making a splash! His new creations involve so much water you're going to want to go swimming after seeing them. Ships, anchors, mermaids, sharks, Navy designs, Koi fish, and more await your eager eyes. Enjoy!

New Tattoo Designs From Liquid Skin Flash

Ready for a little somethin' somethin' for everyone? Take a look at Liquidskin.com artist Liquid Skin Flash's new tattoo designs! American flags, dolphins, skulls, strawberries, cats, dragons, tribal roses, armbands . . . Whew! There's so much more you'll just have to look for yourself!

New Tattoo Designs From Gail Somers

Fairy and flower fans, prepare yourselves! Gail Somers' new tattoo designs feature over 200 new floral, fairy, tribal, frog, and bird designs, just to mention a few. Take a look and get your fix!

TattooFinder.com Now Has 30,000 Tattoo Designs!

Want to know why today totally rules? Because TattooFinder.com now has 30,000 tattoo designs to choose from! Pretty exciting, huh? There are plenty more new designs on the way but 30,000 should keep you occupied until then. Happy Friday!